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Dear ISRC Members:

I am pleased to announce the results of the 2016 Board of Director and Affiliate Delegates election

President: Ramona Sailor
President Elect: Stephen Shitara
Vice President: Jan Arrasmith
Secretary: Amanda Wroblewski
Treasurer: Jared Eardley
Director at Large (2016-17): Fred Bloomquist
Director at Large (2016): Nolan Bybee
Delegate (2016-17): Jeff Anderson
Delegate (2016): Kelvin Dwello


I would like to thank all of the therapists who accepted nominations for the 2016 election and encourage each of you to continue to demonstrate an enthusiasm for your profession and this state by participating in many of the opportunities that are and will be available for your service.  This was the largest slate of nominees the Idaho Society has assembled and I am hopeful that it is a sign that there are increasing numbers of Idaho Respiratory Therapists willing and ready to step up and serve this great state and the therapists that practice here.  To that call, if you have an interest in helping the Board revise our state bylaws or develop a set of policies and procedures please send me or any of the board members an email with your name and contact information.  You will find our email addresses on the ISRC web site

Please thank these new officers and the other nominees for their willingness to serve and please consider becoming more active in society matters and activities in 2016.  We will reach out to you.  I hope you heed the call.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Kelvin "Kelly" Dwello
ISRC President